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  • Claire Lynch

    I'm based in the Mid-West region in Ireland. Work full-time as an Environmental Scientist. In my spare… (read more)

  • Judith Barker

    I make and exhibit contemporary quilts and smaller pieces based on folk art; I've won awards in several… (read more)

  • Annette Morgan

    I have lived in East Anglia most of my life, and I have lived in Thetford for the last 3 years. I am… (read more)

  • Quilt Judging Courses

    Quilt Judging Course – two year distance learning The Quilters' Guild runs training courses for Quilt… (read more)

  • Quilt Judging

    Who are the quilt judges? We are all, first and foremost, enthusiastic quilters ourselves.  We may… (read more)

  • Brenda Wroe

    I am a contemporary textile artist with residential ties to the UK, France and Spain. My artistic work… (read more)