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  • Aubert France

    I live in France near Paris. I love antique,vintage and country quilts. Most of my quilts are made and… (read more)

  • Lin Tarrant

    I am a founder member of The Quilters Guild and have been living in France for the last 22 years. We… (read more)

  • Gillian Salmons

    I am a retired nurse, formerly specializing in family support work in the community. I have two sons,… (read more)

  • Lynda Roche

    I would love to learn more about quilting, the history and master techniques, I am so new at it that… (read more)

  • Rebecca Jackson

    Hello I’m Rebecca, I am a designer, maker and Textile Artist working out of my little design studio… (read more)

  • Penny Killow

    Hello I live in north Derbyshire with my husband, moved a couple of years ago from Warwickshire. I have… (read more)

  • Moira Neal

    Hello! I am a free machine artist and I love to upcycle old cotton sheets to use in my work. I enjoy… (read more)

  • J. Wagner

    I have been sewing and patching since the 50s. My favourite thing is recycling and working with plastics… (read more)

  • Rosemary White

    I am a retired Home Economics teacher. I started Patchwork and Quilting City & Guilds level 3 in January… (read more)

  • Alison Mayall

    I enjoy working with fabric- dyeing it, sewing it, appliqueing it and, not forgetting, quilting it!… (read more)

  • Margo Hunter

    I have been quilting for about seventeen years. Have done part one of C & G Patchwork and Quilting.… (read more)

  • Rita Cox

    I am quite an old bird of 74, my husband is lovely but I am still working on the training after30 years.… (read more)

  • Clare Hull

    I am a new quilter and very excited about my new interest. I live on the beautiful island of Anglesey,… (read more)

  • Anne Bull

    I've been quilting for over 20 years, I was a guild rep first in Carmarthen region 12, then when I moved… (read more)

  • Julie Edwards

    Member of the guild since 2005 and was on Region 14 committee from 2009 firstly as newsletter editor,… (read more)

  • Lynne Wells

    I decided last January to join in with the Journal Challenge 2018. My theme title would be 'On My Door… (read more)

  • Anne Smith

    I started patchwork and quilting in 1995 with Jacqui Vallis as my teacher. When my third son was born… (read more)

  • Ann Hibberd

    I have always enjoyed stitching and making things but discovered patchwork and quilting in a big way… (read more)