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  • Damask, Colour & Collage

    Jane O'Brian talking about the history of Damask as seen in Renaissance art and its influence on her… (read more)

  • Judith Barker

    I make and exhibit contemporary quilts and smaller pieces based on folk art; I've won awards in several… (read more)

  • Anna Woodhead

    I am a textile artist and quilt maker based in Milton Keynes. I make art quilts and mixed media work… (read more)

  • Kate Findlay

    Textile artist, teacher, and general creative person with an interest in techie stuff too. I have become… (read more)

  • Michael Fitchett

    Designer, artist and teacher, exploring graphical and representational images through the medium of… (read more)

  • Alicia Merrett

    I am a contemporary art quilter, and for a couple of decades I have worked mainly with the techniques… (read more)

  • Kay Leech

    My background is embroidery having completed my City and Guilds Certificate and Diploma in 2014 with… (read more)

  • Elaine Evans

    I am new to quilting. As I am no longer able to continue with hand embroidery to the same degree my… (read more)

  • Stephanie Redfern

    My textile art practice is based upon the natural world and natural history collections. My work consists… (read more)