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Sarah Amott

Along with many other quilters, when I am not sewing I am in the garden or knitting or painting ...... I always have several projects on the go at once. As I run a small quilting group from home I always have some hand work to do - at the moment I am hand quilting a grandmothers flower garden quilt started in 1968 and inherited unfinished off a neighbour of my mothers which I have enjoyed so much that I am now making another one!

Quercus, the guild affiliated group I attend, always has a challenge on the go so I'm doing that too,plus various quilts for one or other of my 4 children. I seem to have got myself involved in helping to run the annual Quercus/Puddleduck quilt show too so that keeps me busy - actually, I don't have that much time for quilting at all sometimes!!

I am the secretary of Quercus Quilters and we now have 70 members which means we have had to start a waiting list. If you wish to be added to the list please do contact me.

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