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Pauline Jones

Hi, I started patchwork & quilting classes in 2005 at a college in Neath, I got such a buzz from what I was learning . I joined my local group (swansea quilters) & went to as many workshops as I could. I've met some wounderfull people who have been willing to share they knowledge with me. In 2010 I was invited to demostraige quilting at are local craft show on 3 different dates,one of the most comman question asked was where do I teach. So with the support of my husband In january 201 I started teaching a begininers class once a month on a saturday at my local church. At first the program was planed for beginners, now I have to plan the program for different skill levels, I am finding I enjoy the challenged with coming up with new ideea's and keeping the girls interested and 5 years later it is still going. I've started a second class on a wednesday evening as not everyone can give up a whole day, this class has turned into more of a support group as a number of ladies have series health issuse's, weather it's my skills as a teacher and/or weather it's the friendship and the support they recieve they keep coming back. My other interests are reading romance novels though I don't seam to get a lot of time for this any more, love listing to country music & acording to my husband talking about P & Q.

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