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Helen Layfield

I am a textile artist studying for an MFA at Plymouth College of Art. My research involves hand stitching for construction and decoration as a means of cross cultural connection.
I am developing online courses and workshops in intuitive two dimensional and three dimensional work using quilting methodologies and processes including:
1) Embodied stitch which include Kwandi Quilts, Boro repair and Stitching, and Slow Stitch.
2) Textile Books - Roll books, concertina books, leaf books and lotus books.
3) Journal and pieced quilts.
4) Patchwork and quilted dolls and sculpture.
I only do hand stitching. I am happy to travel. I have a multi cultural background and am interested in how quilting connects us to the world and to our own narratives.

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I accept commissions and I am available as a teacher and a speaker.

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