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You could hear a pin drop! 2014

Fine Fractures!

How could seventeen quilters be so quiet?

Answer: while they were concentrating on tracing and cutting out trees and figures that would feature in our fractured landscapes. Linda Turner created a quiet friendly atmosphere giving us all the confidence needed to cut fabric in ways that were alien to us and sew with abandon our selected shapes onto the fractured background.

Linda provided us with detailed instructions, which reinforced her teaching and were a boon to those of us who needed to constantly double-check!  As with workshops generally one of the real pleasures is to see the wide variety of fabrics that quilters choose – providing ideas for future projects and an amazing difference when viewing the stunning results.  Thank you Linda for a stimulating day and for giving us the confidence to think – ‘I could do this again on my own’.  We all went home extremely happy full of scones and cream - thank you Betty.  Rosemary Green