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Tombola! 2016/2017

Tombola 2016, region 9 strikes again!

UPDATE The final total for the Tombola is in the region of £6000. Wow! What a success.. 

Many, many, many thanks to all who tirelessly made, sent, sold, played, won, participated, rang bells, bicycled, and had a good time.

The purses for this year's Tombola were so good that we could put them on the table and let everyone choose - result, happy winners, and a grand encouragement to lay out for tickets!

So far the Tombola this year has raised well over £4000, and there are a goodly few nice purses to carry over to Alexandra Palace and Hever for a further blast of fundraising - Finally at Harrogate

The purse patterns are still online at and will be left up - you can use the patterns for your sales tables, charity drives, birthday and Christmas gifts, and to help teach others..

SO still time for you to have a go!!