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Taking the fear out of hand quilting 2014

Heads down for the hand quilters

On Saturday 8 February a small but dedicated group of Region 9 members and friends met together in Comberton.  The aim of the event was to learn about hand quilting and to be inspired to do more of it.  Our tutor for the morning was Liz Nally an exquisite hand quilter and an inspiring and patient teacher. 

Liz had brought with her some of her wonderful collection of old quilts, which she discussed pointing out that hand quilting is not always neat with even, tiny stitches.  Very often quilts were made in a hurry because they were badly needed for warmth so the quilting was done rapidly with not a lot of time given to neatness of stitches.  She also brought some of her own quilts and talked about quilting patterns and showed us how they were constructed.

Liz had prepared a kit for us to make up into a small cushion that could be a wall hanging or could have a lavender sachet enclosed within.  We were shown how to mark our pattern and then to quilt being given advice on suitable thread and needles.  With Liz’s patient tuition we all succeeded in making good progress and felt confident to go home and do more! Following on from the day we asked Liz to put together her guidelines for hand quilting for everyone to share.  

Thank you Liz for your inspiration. 

Rosemary Green, Cambridge Area Rep