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Samphire Quilters Annual Exhibition 2013

The Samphire Quilters in Kings Lynn never disappoint in their Annual Exhibition, providing a feast for the eye in colour and pattern.  This large group of quilters, who meet regularly, were well able to fill the gloriously large space of St Nicholas' Chapel. They are prolific in their production of beautiful quilts. 

It is always interesting to see the creativity that different challenges bring out, when a group of quilters are given one hundred and forty-four coloured squares each, there were, of course an equal number of quilted interpretations

The Chairman's Challenge of making a "container" to hold something brought out the 3D and the ‘crafty’ use of sewing skills, which proved to be so inventive.

Although there was plenty of space to use, it is sometimes difficult to display quilts to their full advantage draped over pews, in a church, but each different venue brings different challenges of display.  Well done to the Samphire Quilters who gave us a reason to have a wonderful day out in King's Lynn and much food for thought for our forthcoming quilting!

Wendy Fox