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Look and Learn 2014

A rack of quilts!

Looking at Landscapes with Linda Turner

As early as she can remember Linda Turner was moved to recreate landscapes, in paint as a child and now in textiles.  At the Spring Regional Day she generously shared with us some tips for producing our own landscapes guided by her own wonderful creations.

Inspiration and patterns – look around you; take lots of photographs, keep a scrapbook and/or sketch what inspires you.

Methods –whatever you enjoy doing – piecing, applique – reversed, raw or turned, felted, whole cloth, thread painting, freehand embroidery – just whatever you love

Designs – landscapes are a series of lines. Not convinced? Try drawing some lines on paper – suddenly it’s clear – two vertical lines evoke a tree, a pair curving diagonals say path, a straight line becomes the horizon and gives a feeling of peace.  A wiggly line above is so clearly a distant tree line.  We are convinced!

Portrait quilts are easier to hang than landscape, Avoid a line through the centre of the design.  Take a tiny section of an image an blow it up to simplify the detail.

Materials – your bought stash is bound to have fabric ideal for landscapes but look closely at mottled designs and batiks and you may see the perfect sky or field all ready to use.  Dyeing your own fabric may be the route for you but if that is beyond your comfort zone try printing your own sky photographs using a domestic printer. If you can only print A4 a join is fine and can be disguised. 

Like those who were on Linda’s workshop many of us are prepared to ventured into this area of quilting – or should that be textile art?  To see more of Linda’s work at and for more pix of the day visit

Elizabeth Ingle